About Us

Judith and Sara

Harmony-9 is a unique union of the ancient principals of Feng Shui, Symbols, Crystals, Colour and Numerology.

They have been brought together to help provide solutions and improvements for todays living. We live at such a fast pace that many of us haven’t the time to sort out issues that need addressing. We learn to function with what is not quite ‘just right’ or put up with problems as we don’t know how to sort it all out.

Harmony-9 has designed a way to harness the energy of Feng Shui and together with other 'chosen' alternative therapies, can help provide direction to improve your quality of life.

With help from us you can tap into nature’s energy and live in a more organised and productive environment.

We have put various Harmony-9 items together in the relevant colour themes of the Feng Shui Bagua to enhance positivity and wellbeing within your everyday life.

All Harmony-9 bags are chosen and handpicked by an experienced and totally dedicated team. Our aim is to make your life easier and help it to flow in the right direction.

“Happy Harmonious Living“

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